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A configured action is what your autodl does with a successful push. You can send it any of the supported actions. Each filter supports multiple actions just incase you need to send to multiple clients, or run custom commands as well.

Read more about setup of download clients before continuing.

When adding, updating or removing actions on a filter, make sure to save.

Many of the action fields have support for macros to build dynamic values.

Supported actions

  • qBittorrent
  • Deluge (v1+ and v2)
  • Transmission
  • Radarr
  • Sonarr
  • Lidarr
  • Readarr
  • Whisparr
  • Save to watch folder
  • Exec - Run custom commands
  • Webhook - Post a payload to some http url
  • Test (logs result if matched. Does not download torrent files)


Send to one or multiple local or remote instances of qBittorrent.

Available options:

  • Save path: optional
  • Category: optional
  • Tags: optional

If a category is set, then qBittorrent will control the save path.
Override the save location by setting a save path.


  • Limit download and upload speed: optional
    Takes any integer as a number. Given in KiB/s.
  • Ratio limit: optional
    Takes any integer or floating point number with , as decimal separator.
    The downloaded torrent will be stopped when the Ratio Limit is reached.
  • Seed time limit: optional
    Takes any integer as a number. Given in minutes.
  • Add paused: default false
  • Content layout: optional
    Tells qBittorrent if it should keep the original torrent content layout,
    if it should create a subfolder for the downloaded torrent,
    or if it should refrain from creating a subfolder.
  • Ignore client rules: default false
    Download the torrent even though the maximum active downloads
    configured in the client settings have been reached.
  • Skip hash check: default false

Built in re-announce will make sure it works with initially broken trackers.


Supports both v1+ and v2+ clients.

Send to one or multiple local or remote instances of Deluge.

Available options:

  • Save path: optional
  • Label: optional (must exist in Deluge in order to work)
  • Limit download and upload speed: optional
  • Add as paused: default false


Send to one or multiple local or remote instances of rTorrent.

Available options:

  • Save path: optional
  • Label: optional


Send to one or multiple local or remote instances of Transmission.

Available options:

  • Save path: optional
  • Add as paused: default false

Radarr, Sonarr, Lidarr, Readarr and Whisparr

Autobrr supports the ability to push directly to the *arr suite of services.

Could be useful to do some basic filtering before sending.

Select the type, and then the client. Read more about setup in download clients setup.

Supports both local and remote instances.


Simple action which will not download anything but useful for filter testing.

Watch dir

For torrent clients not yet supported this is the next best thing.

By default if you only put the folder like /home/USER/watch/ it will use the tmp file format like autobrr-000.torrent.

Dynamic name

Watch dir can take additional variables to dynamically build the name. If you want to change this and for example get the release name, you can do the following:


If the indexer is called MockIndexer and the release Some.Release.2022.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-GROUP

It will generate the file like MockIndexer-Some.Release.2022.1080p.BluRay.x264.DTS-GROUP.torrent.

Custom commands / Exec

For custom commands you should specify the full path to the binary/program you want to run. And you can include your own static variables. For example:

  • race-{{.Indexer}}/{{.Resolution}} as a tag or Category.
  • /Movies/{{.Resolution}} as a save path.


There is no built in native FTP upload action but you can get around this with a Exec action and scp or other tool.

  • Command: scp
  • Args: {{ .TorrentPathName }} <username>@<hostname>:<destination path>



The following fields can use macros to transform/add values from metadata.

Try these variables out in the any of the following fields.

  • Watch folder
  • Label
  • Tags
  • Category
  • Save Path
  • Exec arguments

These variables are implemented using the Go template engine. This is an extremely powerful scripting platform that can perform operations, evaluations, and manipulate values at the user configuration level. Further information on the functionality of this platform can be found here.

Available variables

Variable Description
{{.CurrentDay}}Current Day
{{.CurrentHour}}Current Hour
{{.CurrentMinute}}Current Minute
{{.CurrentMonth}}Current Month
{{.CurrentSecond}}Current Second
{{.CurrentYear}}Current Year
{{.Episode}}Parsed episode
{{.FilterName}}Filter name
{{.HDR}}Parsed HDR (DV, HDR, HDR10)
{{.Resolution}}Parsed resolution (1080p)
{{.Season}}Parsed season
{{.Source}}Parsed source (BluRay, WEB-DL)
{{.Title}}Parsed title (That Movie)
{{.TorrentHash}}Torrent hash
{{.TorrentName}}Release name as announced
{{.TorrentPathName}}Path to downloaded .torrent file in /tmp
{{.TorrentUrl}}Full url to download torrent
{{.Year}}Parsed year


Simple examples of this extensive functionality can be found below.

  • Escape torrent name - {{ .TorrentName | js }}

Dynamic categories in qBittorrent

Dynamic resolution for eg movies or tv. Very useful to keep things separated and easy to mange. With well named releases this works great as a Plex library.

Category: movies-{{ .Resolution }} = movies-1080p, movies-2160p


Dynamic tags based on indexer, resolution or other

  • Tags: {{ .Indexer }} = mockindexer
  • Tags: {{ .Resolution }} = 2160p

Dynamic date and time

Could be used to build dynamic save paths etc.

  • {{ .CurrentYear }}
  • {{ .CurrentMonth | printf "%02d"}}

Dynamic movie filter with hdr/dv

Category: movies-{{ .Resolution }}{{ if .HDR }}-{{ .HDR }}{{ end }}