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You can easily convert your autodl-irssi filters into autobrr filters using our built-in conversion tool by going to Filters > ▼ button right next to "Create Filter" > Import Filter. Please note that not IRC channels and IRC networks will not be imported. You will have to do that manually yourself.

Most fields can take a comma separated list like value1, value2.

The comma separated lists supports wildcards, where * means 0 or more characters and ? means exactly one character. An example would be: *this*,that?movie. In this case we would match any title containing this (or tHiS) or in the second case, any title which matches exactly like That Movie or tHaT MoViE or even THAT.MOVIE.

If no value is specified in a field, then that field will match any/all possible values. That means if nothing but Filter Name and Indexers is given, then the filter it will match all/any releases for the specified indexers.

Please note that all filters are case-insensitive, so write them however you desire. Another thing to note is that it is not possible to escape wildcard fields.


If you want to match a string partially, then don't forget to use the * around the before/after/around what you're looking for. If you want to match a string exactly, then try to avoid the use of the * wildcard character.


FieldDescriptionDefault value
Filter nameThe name of this filter.
EnabledIs this filter active?false
IndexersWhich indexers should this filter work for?

Note that all filters by default are DISABLED and you will have to enable them manually.


Some basic filtering rules.

about size

Some indexers doesn't announce the size, so it needs to download the torrent file and parse it to get size if set. autodl-irssi works like this as well. To get around this some api's will be implemented for trackers that are problematic.

For TV and movies it's advised to use filters like resolution, source and codec since these often have known sizes.

FieldDescriptionDefault value
Max. sizeMaximum torrent size allowed. Supports units such as MB, MiB, GB, etc.
Min. sizeMinimum torrent size allowed. Supports units such as MB, MiB, GB, etc.
DelayNumber of seconds to wait before running actions.0
PriorityFilters are checked in order of priority. Positive and negative numbers allowed. Higher number = higher priority.0
Max downloadsNumber of max downloads as specified by the respective unit.0 (which means +Inf)
Max downloads perThe unit of time for counting the maximum downloads per filter.

If "Max downloads" is set, the filter will only match if you have downloaded fewer than "max downloads" items since the beginning of the "max downloads per" period. For instance, if you set "max downlods" to 3 and "max downloads per" to "day" the filter won't match unless you have downloaded fewer than 3 items since the beginning of the current day, in local time.