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With external filters you can run scripts and webhooks to do your own custom filtering. If Expected exit status matches it will continue. If not it stops there.

Many of the fields have support for macros, which allow you to enhance your workflow significantly by providing custom logic/data processing to the input data provided by autobrr.


Run external script that does something. Use exit codes correctly, like exit 0 for no issues. In Linux, non-zero exit codes are considered not-ok/error etc.

See stop if disk is full for a good example of what it can do.

CommandCommand, full pathe.g. /usr/bin/myprogram
ArgumentsArguments.e.g. --name {{ .TorrentName }} --file {{ .TorrentPathName }}
Expected exit statusExpected exit status.e.g. 0


Send a payload to some custom API and do more processing. Use status codes to trigger different behaviours.

Only supports POST requests for now.

DataData, JSON.e.g. { "name": "{{ .TorrentName }}" }
Expected http statusExpected http status.e.g. 200