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Stop if disk is full

You can make autobrr stop adding torrents to your download client whenever you're running low on space.

Create the script

touch ~/ && chmod +x ~/
set -e

reqSpace=100000000 # 100GB
SPACE=`df "$HOME/torrents" | awk 'END{print $4}'`
if [[ $SPACE -le reqSpace ]]
#echo "not enough space"
#echo "free $SPACE"
exit 1
#echo "got space"
#echo "free $SPACE"
exit 0

For Docker:

set -e

reqSpace=250000000 # 250GB
SPACE=$(df "/torrents" | awk 'END{print $4}')
if [ "$SPACE" -le $reqSpace ]
echo "not enough space"
echo "free $SPACE"
exit 1
echo "got space"
echo "free $SPACE"
exit 0

If the script sees that there is enough space available, it will return exit code 0 and autobrr will push the torrent to the download client.

If free space falls below your limit, the script will return exit code 1 and autobrr will skip it.


If you want autobrr to check the disk space of a remote server, then place the script above at the remote server and this one at the server autobrr runs on and call it from the autobrr filter like explained below:

retcode=$(ssh user@domain "bash -s < ~/ ; echo \$? " 2>/dev/null)
echo $retcode

Add it to your existing filter

External script

Troubleshooting filters utilizing the autobrr.log file

The Logs page in the app itself is a good way to monitor new announces, but it cannot show old announces.

If you want to check why a filter is not grabbing anything without waiting for a new announce, you can do so with tail.

Enable logging if you haven't already

# autobrr logs file
# If not defined, logs to stdout
# Optional
logPath = "log/autobrr.log"

# Log level
# Default: "DEBUG"
# Options: "ERROR", "DEBUG", "INFO", "WARN", "TRACE"
logLevel = "TRACE"

Check previous announces

# -n 100 will search the last 100 lines, you might have to increase this
# put the name of your filter inside the parentheses

tail -n 100 ~/.config/autobrr/logs/autobrr.log | grep 'CheckFilter: (NAME OF YOUR FILTER)'

Monitor new announces

# put the name of your filter inside the parentheses

tail -f ~/.config/autobrr/logs/autobrr.log | grep 'CheckFilter: (NAME OF YOUR FILTER)'

Expected output

{"level":"debug","module":"filter","time":"2023-01-11T17:05:44Z","message":"filter.Service.CheckFilter: (Race - groups) for release: Teppen.Laughing.til.You.Cry.S01.720p.CR.WEB-DL.REPACK.AAC2.0.H.264-SubsPlease <Highlight color="#ff2754">rejections: (episodes not matching. got: 0 want: 1-99, release groups not matching. got: SubsPlease want: ggez,glhf,DiRT,cinefeel,casstudio,cmrg,flux,smurf,ntb,kings,plzproper,gossip,playweb,cakes,bae,ggwp,rapidcows,trollhd,playhd,playtv,truffle)"}

Based on the output here, the announce was rejected because you've blocked season packs by asking for episodes 1 to 99. It was also rejected because the release group did not match your criteria.

Creating automatic updating lists for omegabrr

Mdblist provides users the ability to create lists of movies and/or tv shows. We can use this site to create omegabrr compatible lists. First create an account with and then sign in using that account over at mdblist.

Although daunting at first its best to start off with the following:

Expand Lists, Streaming Services, Cast and more. Choose Anticipated movies from the Popular lists menu directly beneath it and click search. This shows us lots of movies that have been announced but are nowhere close to release. At the top of the page we can filter this down even better by using the "Upcoming" and "Released" fields. Try entering a number between 3-5 in both of those fields. This should narrow your results to movies that are coming up real soon. Lets use these two options to create an omegabrr compatible list.

When you're happy with the search results that you get, expand Create list and give your list a name, then click on Create MDBlist list to the right. As a free user the list will first update after 30 minutes, but for now lets click on Lists > My Lists. There you'll find any lists you've created. Copy the link to your list and add /json to the end of it.

For example:


With our json list in hand open your omegabrr config and add a new entry like so.

- name: Latest TV Shows
type: mdblist
- 1 # Change me

Run omegabrr lists --config config.yaml and voilà! An automatic updating list!