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Search function

The Releases tab will show you every matched and rejected release. You can search through this list by typing your query and/or with selected keywords.

Supported keywords

category codec episode filter group hdr resolution season source title year


There are a lot of different categories. A crowd sourced list can be found here. This is not a complete list by any means, so if you want to add missing categories to our docs, read this.


As an example, if you want to search for all 1080p releases from the year 2022:

  • year:2022 resolution:1080p

If you want to list all Dolby Vision releases by a certain group:

  • group:framestor hdr:DV

If you want to list all 1080p releases with the keyword Movie Title:

  • Movie Title resolution:1080p

If you want to list episode 3 of season 5 in The Show:

  • The Show season:05 episode:03