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If you want more indexers added please create an Indexer Request

Supported indexers

Click to view supported indexers
  • AcidLounge
  • Aither
  • AlphaRatio
  • AnimeBytes
  • Anthelion
  • BeyondHD
  • Bit-HDTV
  • BitSexy
  • BroadcasTheNet
  • BTFiles
  • Cathode-Ray Tube
  • DanishBytes
  • DigitalCore
  • Empornium
  • Enthralled
  • FileList
  • Funfile
  • Fuzer
  • GazelleGames
  • HD-Space
  • HD-Torrents
  • HDBits
  • Hebits
  • Huno
  • ImmortalSeed
  • IPTorrents
  • LST
  • Milkie
  • MoreThanTV
  • MyAnonamouse
  • nCore
  • Nebulance
  • Norbits
  • Orpheus
  • PassThePopcorn
  • Piratethenet
  • PixelHD
  • PolishSource
  • PolishTracker
  • PornBay
  • PreToMe
  • PTFiles
  • PussyTorrents
  • Redacted
  • RetroFlix
  • RevolutionTT
  • Romanian Metal Torrents
  • SceneHD
  • SkipTheCommericals
  • SkipTheTrailers
  • SpeedApp
  • SubsPlease
  • SuperBits
  • TorrentBytes
  • TorrentDay
  • TorrentLeech
  • TorrentNetwork
  • TorrentSeeds
  • TorrentSyndikat
  • TranceTraffic
  • UHDBits
  • xSpeeds

along with the Generic RSS and Generic Torznab/Newznab integration.


  1. Go to Settings > Indexers to add indexers.

    When adding a new indexer, it will set up the IRC network and channels in the background. Indexers usually need some extra keys to work. The common ones are:

    • passkey
    • rsskey
    • torrent_pass
    • auth_key
    • apikey

    You'll see which ones are needed when setting up an indexer. Check your indexers wiki/forum etc. to find where they are located.

    • If NickServ Password is marked * as required, then you need to have a registered account on that IRC network. See registering with NickServ.
    • If NickServ Account is marked * as required, that's only used as nick, but supports NickServ auth.
    • The invite command field in Settings > IRC > Edit network are pre filled, but you need to add your IRC key. The rest should be left as is.
  2. After the indexer is set up, head to Settings > IRC and click the 3 dots for the newly created network, hit Edit, and then enable the network. This is a good time to look over everything. The invite command etc.


Please check the IRC section for more details regarding NickServ, IRC keys, and grouping of nicks.


Some trackers (eg: BTN) require manual IP approval for any IP touching their API. After running autobrr you may need to approve the IP at your tracker.

Custom indexer definitions

autobrr supports custom indexer definitions.

In the autobrr config file, add the following to the bottom if it's not already there:

# Custom definitions
customDefinitions = "/home/$YOUR_USER/.config/autobrr/definitions"

Change $YOUR_USER to your username.

For Docker:

# Custom definitions
customDefinitions = "/config/definitions"

This should work if you have /config mapped to a volume which you hopefully have.

  1. Put the definition file to disk and place it in the folder you just entered in the config.
  2. Restart autobrr.
  3. Set up the indexer in Settings > Indexers as usual.