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Various minor changes:

  • IRC: AB changed address
  • New macros: FilterID and Tags
  • Updated to Go v1.22
  • Fix for creating custom TMPDIR if it does not exist


New features and improvements

  • feat(indexers): Locadora add internal and tags var (#1433) (costaht)
  • feat(indexers): sanitize user input (#1420) (zze0s)
  • feat(macros): add FilterID (#1416) (bbeck)
  • feat(macros): add Tags (#1429) (zze0s)

Bug fixes

  • fix(filters): open used collapsible sections by default (#1425) (martylukyy)
  • fix(filters): point to the correct docs page anchor for skipping seasons packs (#1424) (vBm)
  • fix(indexers): AB new irc address (#1434) (martylukyy)
  • fix(indexers): PTFiles freeleech parsing (#1422) (martylukyy)
  • fix(releases): create custom TEMPDIR if not exists (#1428) (zze0s)
  • fix(web): make tooltips clickable if touchscreen is present (#1427) (martylukyy)
  • fix(web): remove rounded corners of middle usernav item (#1430) (martylukyy)

Other work

  • chore(deps): upgrade to Go v1.22 and deps (#1423) (zze0s)
  • docs: update installers (#1436) (zze0s)

Full Changelog:

Docker images

  • docker pull

What to do next?