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New Features

  • dbb3ff3a3b8ad77ff4c7eb9359856ae5d4204e06: feat(feeds): improve file size parsing (#1162) (@jolinarofmalkshur)
  • 657c966ecb198a2508e6411ab21832a7908dfcf6: feat(notifications): Telegram display file size (#1148) (@we11adam)

Bug fixes

  • 25c3f02c72bbf5462d8e8182722c1be9b0635345: fix(filters): importer (#1149) (@stacksmash76)
  • a78a5d1bf8d0f43fd98c1341952bccefcabf6d11: fix(indexers): API get torrent check for nil body (#1146) (@zze0s)
  • 03ef86ac964f31eae39834c18f01399557a9cac9: fix(indexers): NBL irc announce regex (#1153) (@zze0s)
  • 1900bf77428ba4492afff7a556847b8f82ed18dc: fix(indexers): SubsPlease parse line pattern (#1152) (@martylukyy)
  • 3e3454724b291563d3c0dc29a936b4f98ba330f8: fix(web): tooltips (#1154) (@stacksmash76)

Other work

  • ed3b6d5dcb0c74957252c820d7673d4460c6d8dc: build(deps): bump the github group with 1 update (#1158) (@dependabot[bot])
  • a20f40c2cd4bcf32e497029289e55d5f3934d31c: build(deps): bump the golang group with 4 updates (#1160) (@dependabot[bot])
  • 98df0c9040b0c8e65c40e3bc2cee6ccfda646e13: chore(build): enable CodeQL (#1026) (@KyleSanderson)

Full Changelog:

Docker images

  • docker pull

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