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New Features

  • feat(indexers): add Nyaa (#1405) (@zze0s)
  • feat(irc): disable auto chan part when using bouncer (#1396) (@Flupster)

Bug fixes

  • fix(indexers): ANT new irc address (#1403) (@martylukyy)
  • fix(indexers): BrokenStones add auth key to download url (#1406) (@broken-stones)
  • fix(indexers): NBL new irc address (#1404) (@martylukyy)

Other work

  • chore(indexers): remove closed indexer TFM (#1407) (@martylukyy)
  • enhancement(web): debloat release loading animation (#1400) (@martylukyy)
  • enhancement(web): filters list query loading animation (#1401) (@martylukyy)
  • enhancement(web): pending component placement (#1402) (@martylukyy)

Full Changelog:

Docker images

  • docker pull

What to do next?